Dynamic i18n in React 17

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  • Send localizable strings through the network by your backend
  • Bundle it 😏

Dynamic import of Locale files for date strings 📆

  • Dynamic import from node_modules/date-fns/Locale directory — let webpack handle everything. Nice thing to do is to add webpackChunkName with i18n prefix so it’s not only numbers that show in the network tab.
  • MobX store that triggers the import on mount

Dynamic import of UI Localizable Strings 🔠

Feeding components with translations — useLocalizable hook 🪝

Some numbers ⚖️

  • i18next — 33kb minified
  • i18next react — 18.9kB minified
  • useLocalizible hook — 9KB minified
  • locale store — 9KB minified




Lead Developer @TDSOFT

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Adrian Celczyński

Adrian Celczyński

Lead Developer @TDSOFT

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