My 4 tips for Junior Developer candidates

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Your GitHub profile

This is one of the very first things that the technical recruiter in the company is looking at. It’s almost the easiest way of filtering out the candidates who have done only the “to-do’s” projects.

Embrace your “soft” skills

In my time at TDSOFT I have seen many times that soft skills are crucial. Being a communicative person is so important these days, that it might make a crucial difference between landing a job or not.

Grind your ES6 (for JavaScript candidates)

From the technical interviewer side of things… what I believe one should be looking at while interviewing a JavaScript engineer is — most of the time — ES6 knowledge and TypeScript.

Check company before attending an interview

Making yourself look like a good fit for the company from the very start of your journey is something worth spending additional 10 minutes. So before an interview, make sure to check the company’s core values, culture, and points of (business) interest. Those things are almost the entire content you’ll find on their socials, so it’s not any hidden or insider knowledge 🕵️



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