Projects/Tech I’m checking out in 2022

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  • SolidJS — almost performant as Vanilla JS, lightweight alternative to ReactJS. We do have some bullet points in our 2022 roadmap to build new products that are extremely lightweight, this may be just a perfect option… we will see :)
  • Amazon Event Bridge — I really want to build something that is driven by events. I feel like I’m missing something important by not having any experience in the serverless space. Whether it will be at work or in my free time — I’m definitely interested in getting some experience in this field.
  • web-components — Same as above, I feel like this is too important to be missed. Recently I had a spell with a Shadow DOM in our sports widgets project, and I was really impressed with how it ended up working for us. If I could start this project again, I would start with web-components support from the beginning.
  • turborepo — one of the biggest debuts in the OSS community this year, a monorepo tooling powered by Vercel that promises some fantastic performance gains. At TDSOFT we are currently using Lerna for a monorepo consisting of 13 packages, 2 apps, and a few services which take up a significant amount of time to bootstrap. Once gets merged, I’m going all in.
  • UnoCSS — After working with CSS-in-JS libs for the last 2 years now, I feel like I need to try out some of the other styling approaches that are popping up out there. Uno to mee seems like the next iteration of TailwindCSS, and if it works as described in the README, then it should be fun to work with.
  • tRPC — If there will be a need for a “small” backend-frontend solution, I’m curious what the DX (Developer Experience) will look like by using end-to-end typesafe API powered by tRPC.




Lead Developer @TDSOFT

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Adrian Celczyński

Adrian Celczyński

Lead Developer @TDSOFT

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