The Ultimate tech stack for modern affiliate pages

Adrian Celczyński
2 min readMay 31, 2021

If you are an affiliate or willing to become one while using some fancy stuff other than WordPress this article is for you.

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JAM Stack is a blessing. Being able to set up a lightning-fast web page and host it completely for free is one of the major factors why you should consider this tech stack.

In this article, I’ll outline how I do my affiliate pages with the best tech and speed 🏎

React with Gatsby

Batman and Robin of the JAM stack. The most popular front-end framework out there, and its most popular framework for pre-building web pages — Gatsby.

Performance. SEO. Security. Integrations. Accessibility. We’ve got it covered for you. Gatsby makes the hardest parts of building an amazing digital experience simple, leaving you more time focusing on your business.

Gatsby looks dead simple at first. It’s a grown open-source project that lets you write React apps and build (render) them with the populated data whenever your content changes.

The Ultimate tech stack must be also a quick one to deliver, right? I suggest you go with either tailwind-css or chakra-ui. I have been able to rapidly tie my UI by copy-pasting components build by the community I have found at:

It was a great developer experience for me as I hate writing CSS’ lately 👿

But if you want your page to look like a million-dollar startup, it may be worth tossing a dime on — Tailwind UI is a premium component library targeted for tailwind-css.

Data Source

Contentful. Very well-thought API first platform that is completely for free for starters and gives you all you can potentially ask for a tiny affiliate page.

I have used Contentful for my latest project and I have been able to entirely store all of the data for posts, images, and even values for page sections as header CTA button.


Simply put — Netlify. You can use their global edge CDN for free up to 100GB of transfer, but most importantly you get 300 build-time minutes each month. This is important since your page will be built by Netlify on a trigger (most commonly git push to specified branch).

I use Netlify as my domain parking. Their offering is very generous, and I haven't spent a penny for their amazing services 👀

That’s all! Have you got any questions? Shoot them at me in the comments section 🤠

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